Paddy Summerfield studied in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, where she now lives. She has also lived in Switzerland, France, Jamaica and the United States. She has exhibited her work, both in solo and group exhibitions, in galleries in Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. She participated in two international biennale of graphic art in Ljublijana, Slovenia and one in Maastricht the Netherlands. Paddy is currently a member of Stroom.

Paddy Summerfield can be contacted by clicking on this link.

Selected exhibitions

1986 Galerie Jan van Munster The Hague
1987 Galerie Jan van Munster The Hague
1988 Galerie Jan van Munster The Hague
1988 Ist. per la Culture e l'Arte Catania Italy
1988 Galerie Jan van Munster The Hague
1990 Galerie d'Oranjerie Willemstad Curacao
1989 Mazie Galerie The Hague
1990-93 Permanent Exhibition Mazie Galerie The Hague
1994 Galaerie Wind Bilthoven
1995 Galerie Jan van Munster The Hague
1996 Inkt Grafiek Manifestatie The Hague
1997 Inkt Grafiek Manifestatie The Hague
1998 Grafiekwinkel Inkt The Hague


Grafiek Manifestatiie The Hague
2001 Grafiekwinkel Inkt The Hague
2002 Galerie Zuid Holland The Hague
2003 Galerie Van Strien Emmen
2004 Galeriewinkel Inkt The Hague
2004 Art Fair Bergen
2005 Galeriewinkel Inkt The Hague
2006 Art Fair Bergen
2006 Galeriewinkel Inkt The Hague
2007 Salon Inkt The Hague
2008 Kunsthuis 18 Naaldwijk
2009 Bronovo Ziekenhuis The Hague
2010 Kunstkring The Hague
2010 Hofboerderij Wateringen
2011 Muzee Scheveningen The Hague
2011 ESTEC Noordwijk
2012 Muzee Scheveningen Scheveningen
2012 Art and Jazz Den Haag
2013 Kunstkring Den Haag
2014 Haydn creation Poeldijk
2015 Kunsthuis 18 Naaldwijk
2015 Tableau Den Haag
2016 Haagse Kunst Kring Den Haag
2017 Kunsthuis 18 Naaldwijk
2018 Haagse Kunst Kring Den Haag


International Biennale

1987 17th International Graphic Biennale Ljubljana,Yugoslavia
1989 18th International Graphic Biennale Ljubljana,Yugoslavia
1993 1st International Graphic Biennale Maastricht, Netherlands


Past exhibitions on the internet can be seen in the exhibition archive.


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